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  • Appendix epididymis — A small cystic projection from the surface of the epididymis which represents a remnant the embryologic mesonephros. The epididymis is a structure within the scrotum attached to the backside of the testis. The epididymis is a coiled segment of… …   Medical dictionary

  • Appendix of the epididymis — Infobox Anatomy Name = Appendix of the epididymis Latin = appendix epididymidis GraySubject = 258 GrayPage = 1242 Caption = The right testis, exposed by laying open the tunica vaginalis. (Appendix of epididymis labeled at center right.) Caption2 …   Wikipedia

  • Epididymis — 1: Epididymis 2: Head of epididymis 3: Lobules of epididymis 4: Body of epididymis 5: Tail of epididymis 6: Duct of epididymis 7: Deferent duct (ductus deferens or vas deferens) …   Wikipedia

  • Appendix — Appendix, from the Latin word of the same name, may refer to an Index / Bibliography. * In book design , an appendix is a reference section at the end of a book (see Addendum#Books) * In anatomy, a section at the end of an organ; in particular… …   Wikipedia

  • appendix epididymidis — [TA] appendix of epididymis: a remnant of the mesonephros sometimes found on the head of the epididymis; called also appendage of epididymis …   Medical dictionary

  • Epididymis — Hoden und Nebenhoden: 2 Nebenhodenkopf    (Caput epididymidis) 4 Nebenhodenkörper    (Corpus epididymidis) 5 Nebenhodenschwanz    (Cauda epididymidis) …   Deutsch Wikipedia

  • appendix — 1. SYN: appendage. 2. [TA] A wormlike intestinal diverticulum extending from the blind end of the cecum; it varies in length and ends in a blind extremity. SYN: a. vermiformis [TA], a. ceci, processus vermiformis, vermiform appendage, vermiform …   Medical dictionary

  • appendage of epididymis — appendix epididymidis …   Medical dictionary

  • Mesonephros — Reconstruction of a human embryo of 17 mm. (Label for Mesonephros is at center right.) Gray s …   Wikipedia

  • Половая система — …   Атлас анатомии человека

  • Efferent ducts — Schematic drawing of testicle and epididymis. 1 Tunica albuginea, 2 Septula testis, 3 Lobulus testis, 4 Mediastinum testis, 5 Tubuli seminiferi contorti, 6 Tubuli seminiferi recti, 7 Rete testis, 8 Ductuli efferen …   Wikipedia

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